Alpina Uni

Wool to the core

This is the way this collection presents itself. Milled virgin sheep wool with delicate weaving patterns and crocheted loop pile yarn and milled yarn create the unequalled charm of those exquisit and modern rugs.

100% virgin wool from New Zealand sheep, naturally white untreated. In our beautiful Allgäu the wool is manufactured into crocheting yarn, milled and handwoven.

Top layer: 100% virgin wool, milled on both sides. Proportions of weight according to TKG: 100% virgin wool


Alpina Uni

For our range of colours available, please refer to the COLOUR CHART ALPINA

Dimensions (cm)


The maximum customised width available is 300cm (minimum quantity 1m²) at 10% surcharge


Available fringed and unfringed. Please indicate type of edging desired in your order.

For comparison of qualities and range of colours available, please refer to the COLOUR CHART ALPINA. Subject to deviations in colour due to the printing process.

Our Colours ALPINA

Colours ALPINA


Our rugs are ecologically safe products. We predominantly use virgin wool from New Zealand. Following the shearing process it has been washed overseas - without using any additives - as is common for initial laundering. We also use naturally brown and naturally mottled types of wool.

For our trend related colour schemes the wool is dyed in the dyeing mill. Superior quality dyeing provides for long lasting colour fidelity and wear resistance.

Our original ALLGÄUER handwoven products certainly do not cause any allergy risks. Sheep wool rugs are known to verifiably improve the room climate.

Quality Made in Germany/Allgäu

We don't just talk quality, we prove it. Quality documentation constitutes an integral part of our manufacturing process.

Through individually signed certificates on the back of every rug delivered we vouch for its quality. We thus guarantee the refinement of pure virgin wool, manually woven and processed and also confirm that each individual unit is one of a kind.

Our products are subject to regular inspections conducted by independent testing institutes. These inspections document the fact that the rugs are devoid of cemical additives.