Tips for care

so you can enjoy your woollen rug for a long time

Sheepwool rugs:

Handwoven sheepwool rugs need to be cleaned only after years – if at all. The natural content in lanolin (fat content) acts as a protective coating, thus preventing dirt from easily permeating the fibre.

Sporadic loose locks of wool may occur at first. Please do not pull these endings but cut them off with the help of scissors instead. The rug will not be damaged by this. Hoover your handwoven rug with a flat carpet nozzle. Reverse and rotate it every once in a while. This way, the surface will be kept uniformly even on both sides.

  • For hand wash, we recommend using cold water, ca. 30°C, and lipid replenishing detergent for woollens.
  • Your rug may be laundered by a professional laundry at gentle wool cycle but never be dry cleaned.
  • Spot removal: Swab the areas concerned with lukewarm water, a soft sponge and liquid soft soap (or any other natural product) immediately.


Characteristic sheep wool smell:

Pure sheep wool rugs may emit the characteristic smell of wool. If bothered by this smell, air it for several days at low humidity with closed windows. Completely open the windows for a few minutes every morning and evening. Please note that too high a level of humidity will be absorbed by the sheep wool and will thus even enhance its characteristic smell.


Mothproofing agent in woollen rugs:

We explicitly reassure you that our rugs do not contain any mothproofing agent.


Cotton rugs:

Cleaning in general is totally uncomplicated, they can be machine laundered at 30°C, gentle cycle. Abbreviated spin cycle at low temperature.