• Cotton: hardwearing, colourfast, anti-allergy
  • Pure virgin wool with core filament: with core thread made of natural materials such as jute or hemp.
  • Milled pure virgin wool: pure virgin wool without core thread , Woolmark quality. Dense surface structure and fabric structure.

The AHT (ALLGÄUER HANDWEBTENNE) range of production comprises rugs made of wool and of cotton. AHT rugs are superior quality products, manufactured to meet standards of excellence.

We exclusively use ecologically safe superior quality raw materials. Our core threads consist of either pure wool or genuine jute. We exclusively use New Zealand wool, unmatched due to its yarn count and resilience of fibre.

Moisture resistant warp threads ensure durability as well as longlivety. Our milled yarn is treated with nothing but heat and water. Moreover, we only use ecologically safe dyes.

Characteristics of woolen rugs

Top layer: pure virgin wool
Core: jute or wool thread

The percental ratio of top layer (wool) to core (jute) is usually indicated. The weight / m² speciffically identifies the fortitude (thickness) of the yarn (wheft thread).

In this respect, the warp – either 18, 27 or 36 threads per 10 cm - is of a certain relevance. Rugs made of milled fabric are to a greater extent resistant to abrasion. 34-36 micron (yarn count) virgin wool from New Zealand is used. In comparison to Merino and Crossbreed (Europe, Australia, South America, South Africa), New Zealand wool stands out for its resilience of fibre and robustness. Blending of natural finish wools (flecked, brown, black-brown) and application of dyes (acid dye only) creates a variety of colours. Cotton rugs are produced from either over-dyed or printed, unused jersey fillets. Adjustment of the warp thread leads to two different weight categories: the heavy type of floor cover and the lightweight type of upholstery fabric.